Who We Are

We Are Wet

God uses simple things, water and words, by which to call us into a new life as a part of Christ’s Body in the world. Our identity as the baptized informs our relationships: with God (as daughters and sons), with our neighbors (as brothers and sisters), and with creation (as careful stewards). In our baptisms we have been drawn into God’s mission to love and bless the whole world.

We Are Hungry

And so God uses bread, wine, and words by which to feed us with God’s very Self, granting us the strength to serve as God’s hands, feet, and voices in the world, for the world. We are fed by God’s grace, and yet our hunger for peace is never sated, our thirst for justice never quenched. In Christ’s body and blood given for us, God forgives us and nourishes us for mission.

We Are Sent

God regularly gathers us in, feeds us with the Word, and then sends us out to be the Body of Christ in the world, to find where Jesus is present (which is everywhere! but especially amongst those in need), and stand with him there. We strive to embody our need to be community, to be family together, along with our understanding that the church exists for the people outside its walls.